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At Paxton Law Firm, justice is not just a concept but a strong commitment. Founded by Richard Paxton, a seasoned attorney dedicated to serving clients across Texas, we are committed to fighting for the injured and aggrieved. We help you pursue the justice you deserve, regardless of the obstacles that big insurance companies may throw our way. Lady Justice may be blind, but we help her see the truth.

Winning For Our Clients.

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Our client was seriously injured on an unsafe work site which required surgery and therapy to regain a semblance of life prior to the incident. After extensive negotiations we secured a $1,750,000 settlement for our client.

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An 18-wheeler struck our clients vehicle, as a result, our client suffered pain and injury to their back requiring surgery. Our car accident lawyers in Bellaire, TX worked diligently to recover $1,500,000 for our client.

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Our client was involved in a vehicle accident where a dump truck crashed into our client’s vehicle. Surgery was a necessary part of the treatment needed for our client to recover from the injuries suffered because of the dump truck driver’s neglect. Paxton Law Firm negotiated $1,250,000 for our client.

Motor Vehicle

Have you been injured in a car accident? You merit the backing of a firm committed to going above and beyond.


Our team of attorneys vigorously pursues the highest possible compensation for our clients.


A renowned personal injury law firm recognized for securing substantial settlements.

Seeking Fair Compensation for All, Regardless of Citizenship or Documentation

At Paxton Law Firm, we believe in universal justice, ensuring every individual receives fair compensation regardless of citizenship or documentation status. Misinformation and fear often deter undocumented individuals from seeking rightful justice, as some may believe they lack legal rights or fear deportation. We want to clarify that you possess the same rights as American citizens to pursue compensation for injuries caused by negligence or wrongdoing. Our Texas-based personal injury, and car accident lawyers in Bellaire, TX will provide unwavering support to protect your rights without jeopardizing immigration status. We are committed to securing fair compensation for all our clients without exception.

Richard Paxton

Practicing Founder

Julio Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Richard Paxton

Richard Paxton, a seasoned personal injury attorney since 2001, has relentlessly advocated for those harmed by negligence. Representing clients in diverse cases—car accidents, product defects, workplace injuries—he’s secured tens of millions in compensation. Richard’s journey began in Austin, Texas, where he attended St. Edward’s University before earning his law degree from South Texas College of Law in 1997. Admitted to multiple Texas districts, he honed his skills as an Assistant District Attorney in Tyler, trying over 80 cases. In 2016, he founded his own firm, dedicated to championing the rights of the injured.

Julio Rodriguez

Julio Rodriguez, an integral member of Paxton Law Firm with over 20 years of personal injury expertise. Julio focuses on nurturing client relationships, enhancing brand visibility, and overseeing pre-litigation processes. He adeptly handles investigations and assists in drafting pleadings and discovery responses. Beyond law, Julio cherishes family time, sports, and fatherhood to his newborn son.

Hear From Our Clients

"It doesn't matter if you have papers or not, speak with Julio and he will help you. If anyone was going through what I went through, I would one hundred percent recommend them. They really came through for me and they're very honest."

-Real Client | Paxton Law Firm
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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can profoundly impact individuals, causing physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens. At Paxton Law Firm, our car accident lawyers in Bellaire, TX specialize in representing clients involved in motor vehicle accidents, from car collisions to bus, truck, drunk driving, motorcycle incidents, and rideshare mishaps with Uber or Lyft. Whether you were a driver, passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian, our legal team is prepared to guide you through the complexities of your case. We recognize the specific challenges posed by each accident type and are dedicated to securing the compensation and justice you deserve.


Personal Injury

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation for personal injury victims, including those in bicycle accidents, burn injuries, catastrophic incidents, defective products, dog bites, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death claims. Whether you’ve been severely injured due to negligence or lost a loved one in an accident, our team is here to help you seek justice and fair compensation. We conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and work tirelessly to hold responsible parties accountable. Trust Paxton Law Firm to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to rebuild and move forward.


Premises Liability

At Paxton Law Firm, we specialize in premises liability cases involving incidents like chemical plant explosions, commercial building accidents, construction site mishaps, slip-and-fall incidents, and workplace injuries. If you’ve been harmed due to hazardous conditions, our experienced team is ready to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. We conduct thorough investigations, identify liable parties, negotiate with insurance companies, and work tirelessly to hold negligent property owners and employers accountable, ensuring you receive the justice and financial recovery you need to move forward.

Protecting Your Rights Against Insurance Tactics.

Beware of insurance companies that may appear sympathetic but aim to use any information you provide against you to deny your claims. At Paxton Law Firm, we’ve witnessed how insurance companies employ tactics like delaying claims, making lowball settlement offers, or outright denial to pressure victims into forfeiting their rights. They have significant resources to undermine valid claims. That’s why you need skilled car accident lawyers in Bellaire, TX who can level the playing field and protect your rights.


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"Lady Justice is Blind…
But We Help Her See the Truth."

Choosing the right legal representation is crucial. At Paxton Law Firm, we go beyond basic legal support, offering personalized service and a commitment to achieving the best outcome for our clients. Our founder, Mr. Paxton, says, “Lady justice is blind… but it is my sworn oath to my clients to help her see the truth.”

What sets us apart is our dedication to prioritizing clients. From your first contact, expect compassion, respect, and attentive listening. We’ll guide you clearly through every step. With Paxton Law Firm, your case will receive the attention it deserves, backed by a fierce advocate for your rights. Schedule your consultation today to explore your legal options.

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