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Cement trucks are large commercial vehicles that weigh between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds. On top of that, they can carry an additional 30,000 pounds or more of wet cement.

When these cement trucks are involved in an accident, the results can be devastating, causing severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

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What are Common Causes of Cement Truck Injuries in Houston?

There can be various underlying causes of cement truck accidents. The most common causes of cement truck accidents in Houston are listed below.

Speeding. The wet cement mixture usually hardens in up to 90 minutes, causing drivers to speed to get to the construction site on time. If a cement truck is speeding, it is more difficult to stop in emergency or unexpected situations.
Distracted Driving. Distracted driving is any activity that diverts the driver’s attention away from the road, including eating, talking on the phone, or focusing on a navigation system or radio.
Improper Maintenance. The weight of the cement can cause increased wear and tear, which can lead to mechanical breakdowns if the truck is not regularly maintained and inspected.
Equipment Malfunction. If the mixer and other parts and equipment of the cement truck fail, it can cause accidents.
Improper Loading. There are federal and state loading regulations relating to cement trucks that construction companies must follow. If the construction company or driver overlooks regulations, the likelihood of an accident occurring increases.
Poor Road and Weather Conditions. Poor road and weathers conditions can make a cement truck difficult to handle. Drivers should adjust their driving to the road conditions.

Who Is Liable in a Houston Cement Truck Accident?

If you have suffered an injury resulting from a cement truck accident, a personal injury attorney can help you hold the responsible party liable. One reason cement truck cases are so complex is that multiple parties could end up being responsible. Common parties that are liable in Houston cement truck accidents include:

Cement Truck Drivers. Drivers must be specially licensed and have the proper training and qualifications. If drivers operate outside of safety guidelines, drive drowsy, distracted, or otherwise unsafely, they may be liable for the injuries that they cause.
Construction Companies. Texas construction companies must employ properly trained cement truck drivers. They are also responsible for properly maintaining their truck and ensuring proper safety procedures are in place.
Mechanics. Mechanics can be held liable if the cement trucks that they worked on are not properly repaired or maintained.
Cement Truck Manufacturers. Cement truck manufacturers may be liable for making defective parts and unsafe vehicles.

A local Houston personal injury attorney will investigate your case and determine who can be held liable for your injuries.

What Compensation Am I Entitled to After a Cement Truck Injury in Houston?

If you have suffered a cement truck injury in Houston, you may be entitled to compensation. The compensation you are entitled to will depend on the severity of your injuries and your case’s unique facts and circumstances. Some examples of damages that you may be awarded include:

• Medical expenses (past and future),
• Lost wages,
• Pain and suffering,
• Permanent disfigurement,
• Mental anguish, and
• Property damage.

What Should I Do If I Am in an Accident with a Cement Truck in Houston?

If you suffered injuries in a cement truck accident, you should take the following steps.

1. Document the scene of the accident. You should take photographs and videos in the aftermath of the accident. While doing so, you should pay attention to skid marks, damage done to all vehicles, and road conditions. If there were any witnesses, you should ask for their contact information. This information could end up being essential evidence in your case.
2. Seek medical treatment. It is critical to get evaluated by a qualified medical professional and seek proper medical treatment.
3. Contact a personal injury attorney. Finding an experienced attorney as soon as possible will protect your rights and help you build a claim that is more likely to succeed. You should never sign or have discussions with trucking or insurance companies before hiring an attorney.
4. Maintain records. While your claim is being handled, you should maintain copies of all important documentation, including medical bills and records.

Your Houston Cement Truck Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a cement truck injury, call the Paxton Law Firm. We have represented injured persons involved in these types of accidents for nearly twenty years.

Let us review your case and advise you of your rights. The Paxton Law Firm believes in taking the stress of dealing with your legal battles and turning a negative situation into the best possible outcome lady justice allows. We offer free consultations, and you do not pay any legal fees until we recover for you.

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