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Dangers of Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving. Not only is it dangerous to other drivers, but it is dangerous for the texter as well. Thankfully, many states, including Texas, are cracking down on distracted driving laws of which texting and driving is included. According to a study performed by NHTSA, distracted driving resulted in over 3000 deaths in 2019 alone.

Why Is Texting and Driving Dangerous?

Admit it, we’ve all done it, taken our eyes off the road to change a song, turning around to yell at your kids in the back seat, or even just to grab your water bottle in the cupholder. Distracted driving is typical in this day and age. However, texting while driving is a whole other level of danger.

Distracted driving falls into three different categories: visual, manual, and cognitive. Visually distracted driving is when you take your eyes off the road to look at something else. Rubbernecking (looking at a crash as you pass) is a great example of visually distracted driving. Manual distracted driving is when you take your hands off the steering wheel. This could include eating or drinking. And cognitive distracted driving is when you are thinking about something other than driving. This includes daydreaming, thinking about that fight you had with your partner, or even trying to figure out what you want for dinner.

With texting, you are being distracted in all three ways at the same time. You aren’t looking at the road because you are looking at your phone, your hands are typing out the message, and you are thinking about what you are going to say. This trifecta of distracted driving can lead to serious lifelong injuries and in some cases fatal injuries.

Dangers of Texting and Driving

Unfortunately, because of the level of distraction you experience due to texting and driving, there is a much higher likelihood of getting into a car accident or hitting something/someone. You could hit pedestrians, cyclists, or other cars/objects. Think of it like this, if you are driving at 55 mph and you text for 5 seconds, you have traveled the entire length of a football field in those 5 seconds you weren’t looking. That is a large amount of space where any number of objects or situations could have suddenly popped up.

Financial Liability for Texting and Driving

Not only are you more likely to hit someone/something while texting and driving, but you are also going to experience financial problems due to it. If you are in an accident caused by this activity, your insurance will increase, you will have to pay to fix your car, and you can face legal action.

Texas Texting and Driving Law

In the state of Texas, it is illegal for anyone to text and drive. In addition, drivers under the age of 18 and school bus drivers, are not allowed to use their phones while driving at all. If you are discovered to be texting and driving you can pay a fine or even serve jail time.

Injured by Someone Texting and Driving?

Have you been injured by someone who was texting and driving? You may be entitled to financial compensation. The insurance and car accident laws in Texas can be tricky to navigate without an automobile accident attorney on your team. If you believe you may be entitled to compensation due to another driver’s negligence contact the Paxton Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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