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Injured on a Construction Site

Working on a construction site comes with its own unique set of dangers and hazards and it is not unusual to be injured on a construction site. In this article, we will explore common construction site hazards, how to stay safe, and what to do when you are injured at work.

Common Construction Site Hazards

When working on a construction site, there are a variety of dangers and hazards that workers will experience on a daily basis. Proper safety protocols and training are necessary to ensure all workers remain safe, but accidents happen. Here are seven common construction site hazards to watch out for.

Falls and Falling Material

There are so many moving parts on a construction site that falls happen regularly. Slipping on something wet and falling, not having proper shoes can cause falls, and even running into something can cause you to fall. All of these things can cause traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and even be fatal in certain cases.

Similarly, because there are so many things happening at once, materials can sometimes fall or be thrown somewhere they should not be. If not properly screwed in, adhered to, or too much pressure is applied, things can break off and fall. This can hit someone on the head, or fall on top of them and crush them.

Collapses (Excavation, Ladders, Scaffolding)

In addition to falling materials, the nature of construction sites is a ripe place for collapses as well. If there is an excavation going on the dirt can collapse and trap people if proper safety is not followed. Ladders, when not secured or placed correctly can collapse with people or materials on them. And scaffolding can come crashing down if it is not set up properly, to begin with.

Electrical Wiring

If working on a building construction site, electrical wiring may need to be replaced or added to a building. Electricity is dangerous, and if safety protocols are not followed, you can end up being electrocuted or causing a fire.

Loud Sounds

There are a lot of tools used on a construction site. Each of them can cause a lot of noise by themselves. Now, imagine all the noises you have to listen to on a daily basis. Hammering, a circle saw a backhoe, a drill, etc. All of this noise can cause hearing loss and even deafness.

Heavy Weights

Materials used on construction sites can be very heavy and difficult to work with. Repeated motions such as hammering or lifting things off the ground, can cause overuse of your muscles and joints. Similarly, if you don’t know your limits you can unnecessarily push yourself and tear a muscle, ligament, or break a bone.

Equipment Usage

There are a variety of tools that are used on construction sites that are dangerous. If these tools malfunction, or are not used in the correct manner, they can cause serious bodily injuries. Even if tools are used properly, over time you may experience problems caused by the tool. This includes ailments such as vibration-related injuries.

Exposure to Materials

Finally, there are a large number of materials that are hazardous or dangerous that are used/were used in construction sites. For example, for a long period of time, asbestos was used in insulation when building houses. When it was later determined that asbestos can cause lung issues, any houses with asbestos have to be destroyed or renovated. Inhaling this toxic material can lead to various injuries and ailments. Even some materials that are used today, can be hazardous. Wearing the proper safety gear can help prevent injuries.

How to Stay Safe on a Construction Site

The best thing you can do on a construction site is follow the safety standards and wear the correct safety gear. You should also make sure you receive training on any tools you have not used before and have a safety plan in place during emergencies. In order to remain safe you can:

  • Use harnesses
  • Use safety nets
  • Use guard rails
  • Follow structural limits
  • Provide personal protective equipment
  • Implement a Lockout/Tagout system
  • Perform a regular inspection of tools and equipment

What to Do When Injured on a Construction Site

In most cases when a worker is injured on a construction site, their employer will have workers’ compensation to compensate the employee for their lost wages, medical bills, etc. However, in the state of Texas, employers are not required to provide workers compensation. This can leave you out of a job, unable to perform job duties in a new environment, and left with a mountain of medical debt.

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