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Where Do Common Slip and Fall Accidents Happen in Houston?

The City of Houston is in perpetual motion. No matter who you are, chances are you’re going somewhere. From Downtown, into the Theater District, at the Houston Zoo, visiting Space Center Houston, a concert at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, or even your local Starbucks, walking is an integral part of nearly every Houstonian’s day. One obstacle in your path can change your day, maybe permanently.


common slip and fall accident in houston



Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are the primary form of premises liability claims. This happens when a visitor or resident loses their footing on a slippery or uneven surface and falls to the ground. A fall resulting from a fracture or other hazard in flooring is commonly referred to as a “trip-and-fall” accident. Both are frequently accompanied by injuries.


Where They Happen

A slip and fall can happen anywhere people are walking, but there are areas where they happen most frequently, including:


    • Retail and grocery stores: Spills, wet or greasy floors, cluttered aisles, produce, dropped foods, and refrigerated and frozen cases can lead to patrons losing their footing.
    • Restaurants: spilled food, wet or greasy floors, and crowded dining areas all contribute to accidents
    • Shopping malls: with elements of retail and grocery stores, plus polished floors, seasonal décor, and high foot traffic, slip and falls can happen quickly
    • Stairs and Steps: Uneven or poorly maintained stairs, lack of handrails, and slippery surfaces lead to falls
    • Hotels: polished and marble lobby floors, wet pool decks, and wet tile floors in bathrooms are accident-ready areas
    • Residential areas: sidewalks, poorly maintained stairs and common areas, and other hazards can lead to accidents at a home, condo, or apartment
    • Workplaces: offices, construction sites, healthcare facilities, schools, and other areas with inadequate lighting, uncontrolled cords, cluttered walkways, and wet or oily floors.
    • Public areas: parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities can have uneven terrain, wet surfaces, and other hazards that increase the risk of slip and fall accidents.
    • Sidewalks and parking lots: Uneven pavement, cracks, and debris on sidewalks and parking lots can lead to slip and fall incidents, especially in adverse weather conditions like rain, sleet, and ice.
    • Outdoor Events and Festivals: Large crowds, temporary structures, and outdoor conditions can contribute to slip-and-fall accidents at events and festivals.
    • Restrooms: Wet floors, inadequate signage, and malfunctioning plumbing can create dangerous conditions in public restrooms,
    • Public transportation stations, such as Metro Park & Rides: These can have wet or icy platforms, uneven surfaces, and crowded areas, making them prone to slip and fall accidents.


Situational awareness is vital to help prevent slip and fall accidents. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions and address hazards to reduce the risk of accidents. If a property owner fails to maintain those safe conditions, they may be liable for negligence if someone suffers injuries from a slip and fall.


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